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Obtaining your Driver’s Licence will certainly enhance your lifestyle and job prospects. Our service is to make this important process as stress free as possible for you in order to help you achieve your Driving Independence.

Our methodical and structured mentoring programme covers all the pre-requisites and requirements in line with Vicroads standards and regulations. With our knowledge and expertise, we aim to teach young learners advanced driving skills in order to create safer roads and competent drivers for life.

about the training

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Our Vision

EzyKeys is a passionate and experienced driving school, with a dedicated instructor ready to make our roads safe by guiding and coaching young learners in the right path for their driving independence. We believe that prevention is the first priority when it comes to major road related safety issues in Victoria. As an experienced instructor we carry a responsibility to develop intelligent and disciplined drivers who will help keep our roads safe.

Our Goal

We understand that earning your driving licence can be a stressful and tedious task. Our main goal is not just to help you pass your driving test, but also to equip you with the right knowledge, habits & skills that will make you a better and safer driver for life.

Why Choose Us

Our knowledge and expertise enables us to recognise that everyone learns differently. By identifying the student’s learning style we’re able to adapt accordingly by establishing the appropriate coaching methods to suit their style.

Our friendly, patient and easy going instructors will help you learn gradually and systematically in order to achieve your driving independence.

Value For Money

Our well-structured and progressive learning programs ensures that you pass your test in the least number of lessons saving you both money and time.

Our lesson prices are reasonable, affordable and competitive to help you obtain your licence which will certainly enhance your lifestyle and job prospects.

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