Are you ready for your drive test?

The below checklist of ‘Dos & Dont’s’ is a useful guide to check your level of readiness for the Drive Test.

If you consistently demonstrate the following safe driving behaviours while driving in different traffic conditions you can be deemed as a safe and a capable driver of attempting the Drive Test. Your instructor will monitor your progress throughout all your driving lessons and will determine your suitability to attempt the drive test.

The Do's and Dont's

What you should Do

What you should NOT DO

Booking Your Driving Test

Step 1

Complete Your Learner Log Book

Step 2

Book the Hazard Perception Test & Drive Test

Step 3

On the day of the Drive Test you need to bring:

Pass the Eyesight Test: Before the drive test you’ll have your eyesight tested. If you pass the eyesight test you’ll be able to take the drive test.

Take the Drive Test. The drive test consists of two main components. These are pre-drive check and the on-road driving. The on-road driving component is divided into 2 stages. You must pass stage 1 in order to progress to stage 2.

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