Dear Customers,
Below are the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy of Ezy Keys Driving School, effective from the 21st Dec 2022.
1. Lessons/Drive Test Cancellations: You will receive your Booking Confirmation via an SMS message confirming your lesson/drive test date and time. If you cancel your lesson/drive test booking within 24hrs of the scheduled lesson/drive test date and time, a cancellation fee of $55 for lessons and $150 for drive tests will apply. This fee is required to be paid via bank transfer within 3 days after your cancellation. 
2. Lesson/Drive test bookings cannot be rescheduled within 24hrs notice, and as a result the cancellation policy will apply.  
3. If you turn up for your lesson late, then you will only get the balance of your available lesson time.
4. If you do not turn up on time for a lesson, your instructor will wait for 15minutes, we then reserve the right to cancel your booking and apply the cancellation policy.  
5. All fees are required to be paid prior to commencing your lesson/drive test.